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Medical Alert System

"Medical Alert Systems", provide a way for many people to be independent. With a push of a button our monitoring station is notified that there is a medical emergence and that assistance is needed. The local 911 center is notified and dispatched out to the home. We have different types of pendants available to best meet your needs. It is the member's choice of either a waterproof pendant that can be worn around the neck while bathing or a pendant that can be attached to your belt for the added comfort. Who needs a "Medical Alert System"? Many people believe that medical pendants are used only for their elders. In many cases this is true; however, this system is used for many types of situations. The best question to ask yourself is "If I or a loved one falls and is unable to reach a phone, how long will it be before they receive help?"

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Panic Alert System

"Panic Alert Systems", provide a way for authorities to be sent to your home in the event of a break-in. This is used in many commercial situations, but is also available for homeowners as well. This system is designed to alert authorities that you need their assistance immediately without having to find a phone and be exposed to the potential intruder. Who needs a "Panic Alert System"? This system can be used by everyone. It's great for any family member to have easy access to alert authorities by a touch of a button. Imagine a way for a babysitter or child to press a button to alert authorities in the event of a break-in or emergency. Monitoring starts at $16 per month.


  • A land line telephone.
  • Current system is not under contract with other provider.
  • Member owns equipment.
  • Current system is not locked out. (Some Security Companies will lock out your security system so no company besides their own can monitor it. BRMEMC does not do this to any security system we install or takeover.)
  • If we are able to service this equipment in the event of problems. (We need to be able to provide equipment promptly in the event of problems with your security system.)
  • A technician onsite to inspect the current system. (There is no charge for this inspection.)
I am interested...

I’m interested in getting a system and would like to know the price of a security system for my home or business, where do I start?

First and foremost, we thank you for taking the time to visit our site and inquiring about our security services. There are many different choices to choose from, whether it’s hardwired or wireless to the types and number of devices you may need. With over a thousand devices to choose, it is difficult to provide a system price without ever stepping foot into the home or business its intended for; however, to better assist you with a price, we provide you with a free estimate for your home or business.

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