Several Blue Ridge Mountain EMC Members have contacted our office today (January 2, 2014) and reported receiving phone calls attempting to solicit immediate payment for overdue electric accounts, and threatening to cut off the account if not paid. Some of the calls attempt to direct Members to an "800" number for payment, while others request that Members pay via a specific "pre-paid" card that can be purchased locally. When the "800" line is called a bogus voicemail claiming to be Blue Ridge Mountain EMC answers, and requests calling yet another "800" number.


BRMEMC does notify customers of pending disconnection, but does not dictate to members by what method payment should be made, nor do we make cutoff calls only minutes before cutting off a delingquent account. All calls concerning pending disconnection of service originate from our office in Young Harris during normal business hours (7:30 am to 4:00 pm). For those who have Caller ID, our office phone number, (706) 379-3121, will display.

If you receive a similar call threatening to disconnect your power unless you pay within a certain number of hours, we need to know about it. Please get the person’s name, phone number from caller ID, and as much additional information as possible, and simply contact our office at (706) 379-3121. We will be glad to accept payment from any member at any time, but advise our members to be the one that initiates the payment method.

Valid payments may be made mailed, by coming to our office during business hours, and anytime using our website (www.brmemc.com), or our automated system by calling (706) 379-3121 and choosing Option #3. Payments are not accpeted in the field.

BRMEMC advises members to never give banking or credit card information out to non-verified callers, and only give out this information if YOU have placed the call and are comfortable that you have reached BRMEMC. As always, please call our office at (706) 379-3121 if you have questions or concerns.

Payments are not accepted in the field.

BRMEMC advises members to
"never" give banking or credit card information out to non-verified callers.

Disconnections are only made during business hours (7:30 to 4:00pm)